Gazou - Toukiparc



Dear Friend don’t forget to bring your anti-slip socks, otherwise, you’ll have to fly through our park.


Whether you flew with your hot air balloon or cycle with your scooter, we have parking to suit your needs.


Since all Toukiparc animals are under a strict diet, only onsite food or beverages for sale at Toukiparc can be consumed.


All human beings, whatever their age are welcome.

Nursing room

If you want to feed your human baby or hide from your kids, we have a room suited for your needs.

Party room

You have won the soap box and want to celebrate the event? You want to throw a party for your turtle, Edgar? We have 3 party rooms for all styles.

Celebrate an event

You don’t like to be confined in small spaces? Our seating area is available to accommodate 6 persons or 2 adults, 4 kids or 1 child and 5 adults, or 3 kids and 3 adults.


Since Touki, Kira and Gazou like to be the centre of attention, no animal is permitted in the Toukiparc, even if your dog is called Doug.


Lockers are available to lock your personal belongings. No alive object can be locked in.

Age to come alone

All kids under 14 years old must be accompanied by a human being of 14 years old or older.

Alcohol and drug

No one under the influence of alcohol or drug will be admitted in the park. No visitor will be allowed in the park with alcohol or drug. Popeye cigarettes are sold at La Fiesta, and can be smoked outside the Toukiparc.


Because Mr and Mrs Net are a part of our team, our installations are cleaned daily and efficiently. We strive to offer a clean environment. If you have a request, do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.

Lost objects

We do extraordinary discoveries. You have forgotten your precious toe ring or your princess Gustavo, we have a treasure chest full of wonders. Ask one of our welcomers.