Touki - Toukiparc

Toukiparc policies and regulations

Toukiparc general regulations

You must be under the supervision of someone 14 years or older at all time.

The screens are not a substitute to constant supervision.

Each day pass is valid once. If you must leave the Toukiparc, you’ll be required to pay for another pass.

Since all Toukiparc animals are under a strict diet, no food is allowed in the park, with the exception of the on-site food for sale, baby food and in case of an allergy (with the bracelet proof).

Socks are required (ideally anti-slip socks) to access the Toukiparc.

Shoes are forbidden on each level, beyond the locker room.

Sharp objects like pencils and jewels are forbidden in the game area.

Toys and personal objects are forbidden in the play area.

Do not run, jump, climb or swing on the décor next to the play area.

The suggested age on certain games or play areas should be respected to prevent any injury.

Touki, Kira and Gazou are kind and respectful. We recommend that you act the same way. Be careful around little ones. No physical or verbal abuse will be tolerated.

If you are contagious, you must not use our installations.

Security cameras are installed in the Toukiparc. When entering the park, you accept that you will be on camera. The security images are recorded to insure your safety. Moreover, video cameras are filming the play area so that you can share your loved one adventures.

I acknowledge the park’s regulations and I will ensure that the kids under my supervision, if any, and I, respect those regulations.

If a visitor does not follow those regulations, he or she will be required to leave the park, without any refund.


Refund policy

Unless a major event occurs (unable to access the play area for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours or more, a major electricity failure resulting in the non-functioning of the arcades and park lighting), no refund will be granted.

Refunds must be authorized by the manager or assistant manager.


Party room policy

The party rooms must be booked a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event. The booking is conditional to the availability of the rooms.


A deposit for the room booking must be paid as follows:

50% when booking, 50% on the day of the event, prior to the event. All confirmation must be obligatory made by emails. All modifications relatively to the event must be sent at


For all cancellation, the following costs will be applied:


  • More than 10 days before the event, administrative costs of 40 $ will be applied. All deposits that have been given will be refunded , minus the 40$ of administrative costs.

  • From 10 days to 24 hours prior to the event, 50% of the total amount of the event will be charged.

  • The day of the event, 100% of the amount of the event will be charged.


Please note that the items include in the party packages cannot be exchanges, credited or refunds. Ex.: You introduce yourself with 5 kids when you initially reserved for 6 kids.

Toukiparc guarantee that the room will be ready at the agreed time with the customer and all the elements that have been discussed by email at (beverage, food, surprise gifts, daily pass, decorations) will be available during the event. On the other hand, Toukiparc agrees to communicate with the customer to notify him of any changes.

Rooms will be available during the opening hour of Toukiparc.

The nature of the event celebrated in the room will be communicated when booking and must be in agreement with the values of the Toukiparc.


Accountability policies

Every amusement park carries risks of injury.

Will entering the Toukiparc, I assume these risks freely for me and for those who accompany me.


Warnings trampoline area

Only one person at a time can use the trampoline.

Whether you are a gymnast or not, any perilous leap won’t be authorized.

Do not sit on the trampoline.

Do not jump from the safety mattress.

Do not jump between the trampolines.

You must wear appropriated clothes. You can’t wear any kind of jewellery, empty your pocket. Don’t have anything in your mouth.

No jostling will be tolerated.

Do not jump if you're pregnant or if you have physical limitations.


Warning for zone 0-3 years old

This zone is reserved for children under the age of 3.

The children under the age of 3 must be in charge by someone older than 14 years old or more.

Only children over 14 accompanying a child will be tolerated.

Any food or beverages won’t be tolerated (including baby bottles) in the playground.


Warning for zone 3-13 years old

Because the animals of the park don’t eat human food, any food, chewing gum, candy or beverages won’t be tolerated in the modules.

You must wear socks to be able to play in the park. It is forbidden to walk barefoot or with your shoes.

Sharp objects like pencils or jewellery are forbidden on the playground.

Toys and personals object are not authorized on the playground.

You cannot run, jump, climb into the net or swing on the exterior surface of the playground. You cannot enter by the slide.

Any verbal or physical abuse won’t be tolerated.

The adult or the person over 14 can come with you in the module.

Because the playground has been designed for children between 3 and 12 years old were asking adults to use them with care.

Children under 3 must be under supervision of an adult or someone over 14 at any time on the playground.


Warning for users in the virtual reality

It is not recommended to participate in the virtual experience if you:


  • You have used drugs or alcohol before

  • You have digestive problems

  • You are subject to have emotional disorders or are anxious

  • You suffer from headaches, cold, have the flu or otalgia.

  • You have suffered from epileptic crisis or another epileptic symptom.

  • You are wearing a medical device like a pacemaker, defibrillator or hearing aid.

  • You suffer or think you might suffer from an infection in the eyes, on the skin or in the scalp.

  • You are tired


The children of 5 and under won’t be able to try this experiment.


For children over 5 years old, it is the responsibility of the parent to judge if the children are:

  • Able to stay sit all along the experience

  • Able to understand that what he will see is not real and not dangerous

  • Can understand that he can stop the experience by removing his helmet at any time.


You must immediately stop the experience if the following symptoms occurred:

  • Crisis

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Ocular or muscle contractions

  • Visual fatigue, altered vision, blurry or double one. Or any visual anomaly

  • dizziness, disorientation, imbalance

  • Hand-eye coordination disorder

  • Excessive sweating

  • Increased salivation

  • Nausea

  • Stun

  • Discomfort or pain to the head and eyes

  • Tired

  • All the similar discomforts or travel sickness


Following this experience, you could feel symptoms like what people feel when they land from a cruise ship.

These symptoms can persist or increase after several hours after utilization.

If you feel these symptoms, you should not drive, or use any machines or do any activities that required visual efforts or physical that could cause serious consequences.

Until the complete disappearance of all the symptoms.


For more details on these warnings, request the complete card to an operator.


Privacy policy

Toukiparc is committed to ensure the accuracy, the security and the protection of personal information of all clients.

This policy aims to detail the measures that were taking to collect, use and protect personal information.

All personal information (name, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, demographic date, date of birth or any other information) are collected with your consent.

The information is only accessible to employees and representatives of Toukiparc.

We apply all security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your information.