Kira - Toukiparc


Fast food

Whether you have a hungry chimpanzee's appetite or a huge rumble in your greedy elephant's belly, the Coco Café will satisfy you with its varied menu.


Rest area

Your little cheetah legs are exhausted from running without stopping? Take a well-deserved break in our rest area, well installed in our most cosy seats.


Nursing room

Caring mothers also need a comfortable place to rest. A separate breastfeeding room has been specially fitted out for their specific needs.


0-3 years Corner

Run, climb, hop and have fun in our space designed for the kings of the jungle in the making!


3-13 years Module

The jungle of Touki is a mythical place with several secrets to discover. Become the star explorer for a day and try to trace the most remote places in the animal kingdom.


Arcades section

Not a big fan of game modules? Come chill with your friends in the Ama-zone, a place where reality meets the virtual.